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Mar 29, 2016
How to benchmark a function in Elixir using benchfella read more
Mar 22, 2016
Building an Ansbile play that will build a project (in this case Ruby) from source read more
Sep 7, 2015
A quick tip to make it easier to use Dead Man's Snitch with the whenever gem read more
Aug 31, 2015
Hash#clean, a monkey patch to provide easy, Array#map like access to hash values to update them inline. read more
Jul 31, 2015
A short video from Business of Software on determining which features to include in your product. read more
Jul 17, 2015
Watch YouTube videos maximised within the browser window without watching full screen. read more
Jul 13, 2015
How to ignore blank lines when parsing a csv file with ruby's CSV parser. read more
Jun 30, 2015
When an item is added to a collection in Backbone.js it should automatically be added to the corresponding list. When using a sorted collection it would be nice to have it appear in place, especially when not refreshing the entire list. That's what I'll explore in this post. read more
May 15, 2015
You can use a unique index to ensure only one occurance of a value but what do you do if you want to limit uniqueness to two rows instead of one? PostgreSQL's partial indexing can help. read more
May 15, 2015
Mar 10, 2014
I needed to loop over a fairly large data set and group it by year and month. In this post I walk through using two Ruby Fibers which communicate between each other in order to do in-loop grouping read more
Feb 12, 2014
An example of how to use the MailChimp API and their official mailchimp-api gem to add a subscriber to a mailing list. read more
Nov 7, 2013
Just some thoughts on how CanCan didn't work as I expected. Whether design or bug, it's worth checking out how modules are handled. read more
May 3, 2013
A turial on how to use the Highlighting tool in Logos 5 along with a few advanced tips such as how to create a custom higlight style. read more